Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kreativ Award

I received a Kreativ Blogger award! What a way to make someone's day right?!  Special thanks to Wendy at Pickle Jars and Pears for this award, I am honored! 

As a recipient of the award the rules are to thank the person who gave you the award. List seven things about yourself, and pass the award to seven other worthy bloggers that you believe deserve the award.   

Seven Things About Me:
1. I've rediscovered my love for photography
2. I'm totally enjoying blogging
3. Must wear socks to bed
4. Can be totally random at any given time
5. Collect frogs and Fleur de Lis'
6. I am so in love with my guy
7. Love Mardi Gras and all of it's essence 

Ok did I get random? :)

Now most bloggers may know me from La-La's Home Daycare & some from here and both.

In no particular order here's my list of bloggers of whom I thought deserved this award:

1. Rachel @ I Heart Crafty Things
2. Amy @ One Artsy Mama
3. Learning Table
4. Let Kids Create
5. Kate @ My Oatmeal Kisses
6. Tina @ Moms Like Me
7.  Esther @ Creativity My Passion

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