Saturday, August 13, 2011

If You've Got Ears Say Cheers

Mickey Mouse Cup Cake Topper
Well Hot Dog Another Birthday!
Yes I do have lots of birthday parties, but what can say, I have a daycare and we must celebrate a birthday, right? Right!

So for this birthday I chose Mickey Mouse. This little boy who it was for loves him. We watch the Mickey Mouse Club House every morning when the children first arrive before breakfast.

This is from the Disney Mickey and Friends cart. I cut him at 5 inches. He's found on page 108. The stars are on the same page cut at 2 or 2 1/2 inches.

Black and Yellow paper are from Bazzill
Cream color for face is thin cheap card stock 
(I didn't seem to have the correct color for his face)
White Gloves and eyes are from Wasau 
(they actually have speckles in the white)
Red for shirt and stars from The Paper Studios
Small craft sticks were glued to back to hold in place

I hope you enjoyed this as much as we did!


  1. Ho Lori, thanks for nice comment and stopping by. Now, your cupcakes make me really hungry ;-) and I love your toppers!

  2. So cute. I'm sure the kids loved them and I bet they all wanted Mickey.

  3. you can never go wrong with Mickey! So sute!

    Thank you for the follow, I'm your newest follower too!

  4. "Well, hot dog!" hahaha Mickey Mouse Club is one of my favorites just because I like to hear Mickey say that! I can tell you have an awesome day care considering that you take the time to make cakes for all the birthdays. That is so sweet of you! I bet the kids just love you!

  5. Mickey is so adorable. Thanks for the follow and I am following back

  6. these are sooo cute.. Love them
    I am your newest follower... Hope you will stop by my blog...

  7. Looks like a lot of fun and a great idea for a cup cake topper.

  8. OH how cute! What a great idea!

  9. too cute!!! makes me want a cupcake . . . for breakfast :)


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